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About Brett & this blog…

About Brett & this blog…

Hi! I’m Brett Cohrs and I am an insurance professional who knows a bit about insurance for nonprofits.

This website is a service to nonprofits who have questions about their insurance programs.  If that’s you, welcome! I hope you are able to accomplish wonderful things with your organization, and I hope you find some answers to your questions here.

But remember – any insurance information should only be evaluated based on your own unique circumstances. Make sure to review your specific operation with a licensed professional insurance agent. Insurance is not a one-size-fits all proposition.  My goal is to help you with a few of the basics and to help give you a perspective on insurance that goes beyond how to find the lowest price.

What’s In It For You

If you found this blog, you might be a nonprofit or social service executive who has questions about insurance or risk management.

It could also mean that you are reviewing your current program and wanting confirmation about the coverages you have in place to protect the vision and mission of your nonprofit.

It could mean that you are starting a nonprofit and, being the responsible, circumspect future executive director that you are, you want to make sure you understand how best to protect your fledgling nonprofit.

It could mean any number of things. You could be evaluating the advice of your local insurance agent. You could be a board member who takes seriously her fiduciary duties. You could be a future donor who wants to confirm whether an organization is worthy of your charitable donation.

Regardless, the purpose of this blog is to equip you to better understand your insurance choices. It’s also to give you some ideas regarding managing your risk.

Ultimately, you have a vision and a mission. My hope is that I can help you put a plan in place to protect the people and things that are vital to fulfilling that mission.

What I Can Do for You

  1. Insurance Services: There’s a chance I can help you here. I can at least be a shoulder to cry on about your insurance woes.  Fill out this form.
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  3. Speaking and Training: Does your nonprofit or nonprofit association need to sharpen their insurance skillz? I can help through training on relevant insurance, risk management, and management topics.  I’ve spoken on abuse and molestation liability and risk management, cyberliability as it relates to social services, and employment practices liability. Should you be a glutton for insurance punishment, I can create half and full-day workshops on insurance-related topics. I might also learn a card trick or two to jazz things up for you.


I’ve been in the insurance industry since January 2002. The first two years, I audited crop insurance claims. In January of 2004, I moved into commercial insurance sales and consulting. During 2005, I began migrating my focus to nonprofits and for-profit social service organizations.

Since the end of 2015? I actually work in a different niche now, but my heart for nonprofits remains strong.

My college degree was in English Literature. I have a Master of Divinity from seminary. Working with educational and human service organizations is a blast. Feel free to call or email if you have questions about the content on this site.

You can also find my posts on and at

If I may brag a moment, I’ve been featured on as one of the 25 Insurance Resources Every Independent Agent Should Subscribe To.

If you want to reach out with questions or to find out how to work with me, please fill out this form and I’ll get back to you…. or connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, or even Snapchat (username: brettcohrs)!

***The information on this site is my own and not published in conjunction with any insurance carrier, agency, or brokerage. 

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*Note that occasionally I might reference a book or other product on Amazon or other site. There’s a chance that if you click on that link and purchase something, I might get a few cents. Thank you if you do.