A Resource on Fire Prevention: National Fire Protection Association

A lot of our work with nonprofits focuses on liability insurance and liability related risk management. When you’re in the human services fields, you often have a few additional exposures to liability losses than run of the mill businesses.

That said, you are just as likely to have a fire loss as any other business. And fire losses can be devastating. Not only can you lose precious property, but they can also cause serious injury and death. If you did not take proper precautions and install appropriate risk management, your liability policy could then come into play.

A Fire Safety Resource

If you’ve not liked their Facebook page, I highly recommend searching for the National Fire Protection Association’s page and clicking the like button (click on my link and you’ll find it).  They push out some wonderfully practical tips, many of them timely to the season (they have a tailgating article out at the present).

Regardless, bookmark their resource page. It’s constantly being updated with articles and other checklists for fire prevention risk management. Much of the content is focused on residential fire prevention, but it’s not hard to transfer the concepts to your commercial property.

Follow them on Twitter: @NFPA

Subscribe to their YouTube Channel: nafpadotorg

We often get negligent around basic safety. Bad things happen so seldom that we forget to take simple precautions. Hopefully this resource will help you out.


Do you have a favorite fire prevention resource?


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