A Radical Reset for You or Your Organization?


reset your life or organization

The year starts over any day you want it to.

A Radical Reset for You or Your Organization? 

Have you ever stepped back from your work and decided to slay all sacred cows?

If you were tasked to kill all programs and processes and start from scratch, which programs would you resurrect?

Which activities truly serve your mission and vision?

For that matter, which personal activities and commitments serve your personal goals and true priorities?

This is a great time not simply to make blind commitments to weight loss, debt reduction, and learning how to speak Mandarin.

It’s a great time to ditch the stuff that doesn’t work, cut or limit relationships that aren’t helpful, and recommit to very few practices and people that move your life and nonprofit work forward.

I challenge you to take a few hours some time over the next week to put one area of your life through this mental exercise:

If you had to start from scratch, with the same mission, which of your current programs, processes, activities, and even personnel would you want to put back in place immediately? Which would you be fine to just let go?

Why are you doing what you do? Boil it down to your ‘why‘, peel off the stuff that gets in the way of that, and charge into your new year (even if you read this on a random day, your new year can start right now).

I’d love to hear from you: Leave a comment and let me know how you like to start your new year? Do you do goals? Do you have ‘one word’? Do you just keep on trucking?

My blog post ‘The Beginner’s Mind and Your Nonprofit’s Work‘ also plays with some of these ideas.  Go check it out if you’d like. 

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