Nonprofit Links to Love

It boggles my mind that I can’t find insurance-based links for nonprofit leaders to love.

Outside of my own ridiculously good prose, it’s hard to find risk management specifically for nonprofits. And why should I tell you if I did find it? I’m a paranoid insurance agent. You need to come back here for your info.

Here are some other links, though. May you find them helpful and even love one or two of them.

Storytelling and Marketing is Awesome

Lessons In Non-Profit Storytelling From The Best In The World - The Story of Telling, by Bernadette Jiwa

She breaks down, much better than I did, what makes for good storytelling in the nonprofit world.

The Crazy World of Uninsured Motorists and Insurance to Deal with It

What You May Not Know About Uninsured Motorists Claims - Claims Journal, by David Ezra and Erin Mindoro

If you ever worried whether that dude in the old beat up truck had coverage, please check out this article. Good stuff.

Words Are Important – Seriously

Word Up  - How our words are powerful – College Wesleyan Church, sermon by Lenny Luchetti

Whether you’re a person of faith or not, check out this sermon. It tells us how powerful our words are. Whether we withhold them or spew them without thinking, words are so, so important.

Whether you manage a small team or run a multi-national nonprofit, your words are so important to your direct reports. Don’t neglect circumspection around the words you speak and the words you withhold.

What Links Have Been Helpful for You?

Drop your links in the comments.

A Great Resource for Youth Serving Organizations

If you work with youth of any age, you need to have policies and procedures to help prevent (a) abuse and molestation and (b) the temptation for someone to falsely accuse your organization or one of your employees or volunteers of abuse or molestation.

I sincerely hope such a thing never happens under your watch, and that your after school program, group residential facility, foster placement program, or school never experiences an event like that.

Here’s a link to a resource put out by the CDC. It’s free, and it might help you get started on a risk management program for your nonprofit. If you’re new, definitely check it out.

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Youth Serving Organizations: Getting Started on Policies and Procedures

Most insurance companies who provide coverage for nonprofits also have free or deeply discounted resources.

If you know of some resources, please share.

To Indemnify…

We insurance agents use a lot of fancy words. Let's take the mystery out of one of them today. Indemnify (the verb) or indemnification (the noun). Basically, it means to 'make right' or to 'recompense'. An insurance company might … [Continue reading]

How to Be the Best in the World

My favorite part of Steve Jobs' biography is when he returns as Apple's CEO and pares the product line down to 4 products. By stripping down the options, he focused the energy on being world class in each of those products. Being the best in … [Continue reading]

Claims Don’t Send an Outlook Appointment Request

Pretty sure this guy didn't expect a face full of paint Photo Credit: Stebaneze via Compfight cc

I've been warned that bloggers shouldn't attempt wit in their headlines. I tried it anyway.... The point of the headline is this: Claims are unpredictable. If you could anticipate an auto accident, you'd be able to avoid it (we do this all … [Continue reading]

Create Value to Receive Value

We all know this guy... don't be this guy.  Photo Credit: CarbonNYC via Compfight cc

The more I follow blogs that are popular in the nonprofit community, I can't help but notice that most of the content is around fundraising. What I've realized is this: Nonprofits are as consumed with sales as for-profits are. Donor and fund … [Continue reading]